Winter Solstice Blessings!

This is the start of a new direction I hope, of which regular blogging is going to be a part.

It seems very appropriate to start this on such an auspicious day, December 21st 2010, Winter Solstice, full moon and total lunar eclipse!

I was outside this morning, in sub zero temperatures watching the eclipse in a totally cloudless sky and it was truly magical, the energies amazing! It has left me feeling energised and truly alive, which is just what I need after the year I have had, with long term health problems at times getting the better of me.

I intend to use thos blog to keep a record of my spiritual life and my druidic activities, I hope you can join me!

May the solstice bring us many blessings. Hail to the returning light! Welcome to the Oak King /|\


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