Wonderful Winter!

Here in Britain we’re not always great at coping with adverse weather conditions. In the last week of November we had about 2 foot of snow here and we were unable to even get the car out of the drive for 3 days, and my road (a cul de sac)  was covered in thick ice for at least 2 weeks. We had no postal deliveries for 8 days and only sporadic post for a week after that. My husband lost 3 days at work, my place of employment was shut for 5 days and the kids schools were closed for 4 days. We also had 4 days when no buses were running in our area.  All in all ahuge amount of disruption.

Despite all this, I love it! Winter should be cold, there should be snow, it is the natural cycle of things. The thing I hate is slipping from one season to the next with very little to mark the change. We need it to kill off the bugs that we are so often struck down with these days, the land needs it to allow for rest and regrowth in spring.

Our seed group did a ritual last weekend for the Winter Solstice in a local woodland, and the fact that the ground was covered in a light frosting of snow made it all the more magical, and marking the changing of the seasons all the more meaningful.

So rather than moaning about the inconvenience of the bad weather, I’m looking for the positives, snowballing with the kids, building snowmen and igloos, and the beauty of the land clothed in its blanket of white!


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