Blogging, a necessity?

Many years ago, in the days of Yahoo 360, I used to blog regularly, but I somehow seem to have lost the knack. Life just gets so busy, so many other things to do, that I never seem to find the time.

Thinking back to those times though, do I really do any more now that I did then? Probably less if the truth be told, so I am going to make an effort to keep up with this blog.

I feel it is something I want to do because it is a moment, taken out of the rush of life, to just sit back and reflect on and record the things that are important to me. They may not be earth shattering events. They might be moments such as one day last week when I stood out in my garden, in the cold rain, transfixed by the comings and goings of a small Wren in our shrubs, or this morning, when I went out into the sunshine and my breath was taken away by the beauty of Crocuses opening to the Sun.

Whatever I write about, it will be good just to take the time to do something for myself.


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