Elen of the Ways

I wrote this sometime ago, but thought I would share it today as Elen is very much on my mind at the moment. Elen of the Ways is the Goddess to whom I am dedicated, but it seems very few people know anything about her. There is a small amount to be found in books and on the internet, but rather than that, I thought I would post a poem here that gives my impressions of her and my dealings with her.

Elen of the Ways

Asleep and dreaming peacefully,
Strange visions into my mind come.
Of flowers bobbing joyfully,
And whisp’ring trees that gently hum.

An animal is drawing near,
It seems to want to meet with me.
The graceful lines of Fallow Deer
Walk closer now so I can see.

The Sun is setting in the West,
The light is fading into night.
And suddenly I need to rest,
Then I see a wond’rous sight.

My weariness carried away,
As if on wings of birds in flight.
A Lady, half Goddess half Fae,
Banishes the darkness of night.

She glows with an unworldly shine,
As she brings her message of love.
Her bright eyes look straight into mine,
I hear the singing of birds above.

She shows me to a new green track,
I have never seen until today.
It seems there’ll be no going back,
‘Cos she is Elen of the Ways.

The path that’s laid out before me,
Does not seem well trod at all.
In former times, well known was she,
But not many now can hear the call.

I will try to follow her on,
And find my way out of the maze.
Not all traces of her are gone,
Still she is Elen of the Ways.

Diane Worthington