Going along with my feeling that there are big changes coming in 2012, this morning’s card was The Journey, from The Wildwood Tarot.

This card corresponds to the Death card in the Marseille Tarot.

“The first step is to ask the initial question,” write the authors. “This is the most overlooked part of any divinatory system… the act of asking focuses the mind. The desired answer or even the real question itself may be buried so deep in our own subconscious that we need the help of Tarot to reflect our own unknowable truth.”

Death is something most of us try not to think about, and whether it is an actual death or a person or even a beloved pet, or the death of a situation that we are hanging on to, it can be difficult to deal with.

I do not yet know what the changes are that 2012 is bringing, although I have my ideas as to what it might be, but I hope to try and be ready for these changes, and to embrace them as a new beginning, rather than just an ending of something.

From the book—

It is time to face the inevitable, to let the bones be laid bare and acknowledge the deepest aspects of your fears and desires. Do not fear change, because this is also a time of purification and realignment. This change may seem extreme and destructive, but old crops must be cleared for new growth to thrive and static or sterile modes and concepts must perish. A celebration of the past or an acknowledgement of the passing of one part of life may be required. Let the threads of the old slip from your fingers with joyful remembrance and enter this time of withdrawal and renewal with patience and calm.

Change is needed so I await signs of which way to go in the coming year!


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