Goals for 2012!

Instead of putting my goals for the year in my journal as usual, I am pinching an idea from Suzi and making them public! That way I may have more of an incentive to keep going!

home and family

Get my son joined up to the gym, and keep him going.

Keep hubby going to the gym and try to encourage him to try yoga.

See more of my eldest son and daughter, and grandchildren.

Get some decorating and home improvements done.

Get a new fridge/freezer.


Finish my OBOD Druid grade course.

Finish advanced herbalism course and maybe some others.

extend knowledge of Chakra system.


put more time into knitting

make more jewellery

create vision boards


keep my job lol

don’t let work invade home life!


strengthen grove and maybe increase membership

celebrate festivals with Grove

give more time to meditation

Make a meaningful alter for each season

attend some workshops

just for me

Continue and improve yoga practice

get out into the countryside more

Loose the dam weight!

Go to a lovely festival or two !

Get a greenhouse!

I’m sure given time I will come up with more, and will add them in as they come to me!


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