Making teas


After yet another attack of vertigo this morning I decided to make some herbal tea to see if that made any more difference than the medication does. I also made some Dream Tea s sleeping can also be a problem, so I thought I would share my recipes here. Both teas can be served with honey and lemon to taste. Each recipe makes about 15 tea bags. You can but open tea bags to fill yourself from several internet sites, and if you are going to make a few these are idea, otherwise, make them in a pot in the usual way the strain to drink.

Vertigo Tea

2 parts Ginko Leaves

2 parts Dandelion leaf

1 part Dandelion root

1 part Ginger root

2 parts Feverfew

4 parts Green Tea


Dream Tea

2 parts Chamomile

2 parts Vervain

2 parts Lime Flowers

1 part Skullcap

1 part Valerian

1 part Lemon Verbena

4 parts Green Tea


Mix together and grind in a pestle and mortar. Then either put into bags or use 2 tsp per cup, steep in water which has boiled, but cooled very slightly, pour and enjoy!



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