Falling Into Place

Isn’t it odd how things sometimes just fall into place after years of struggle?

I have been actively walking the pagan path for now for at least 15 years and initially it took me a while to find any like minded souls. It was only really with the rise of social networking, Yahoo 360 in those days, that I managed to find others who were following a similar path to my own. And so about 13 years ago, my practise went from mostly solitary to quite a bit of group activity too. At the same time my husband Neil became interested, and started to accompany me.

The only downside to this was, there was nothing happening near to us, and we used to have to go quite a distance, 50 or 60 miles, to join in with seasonal celebrations etc. And we continued to do this, first with one group of assorted pagan (wiccan, shaman, heathen, druid) and then with a Druid group, but both were about the same distance, though in opposite directions. At this time too we tried to set up a local moot with a couple of other people, but it never really went anywhere as we couldn’t get anyone interested despite the effort we put in.

We went on like this, commuting for seasonal celebrations for about 6 years or so, and then oddly enough both groups broke up around the same time as each other, so once again we were just two, celebrating the passing on the seasons quietly in our own garden.

We tried again to start something local up as people kept saying that nothing would ever happen unless we made it, but it seems it was easier said than done.

Eventually though we did get a small group together but it seemed we couldn’t find many others who were interested, so we remained a small group for about 2 years.

Now I am not sure what has happened recently, but I did strt to actively look to expand the group again, without much hope I have to say, but over the last 3 or 4 months I have met so many wonderful people, the group has grown from a very small, very quiet little group, to a large, busy, enthusiastic community, with a real community spirit, and it seems as if the Universe was just holding its breat until it was time for everything to just ‘fall into place’.

I am so grateful and so happy to have all these wonderful, likeminded people come together, and I am sure we are going to become a wonderful tribe with a strong connection to the Earth and to each other.

Thank You!