Magical Weekend!

by the Abus Coritani

I have just returned from the most magical weekend of the year for me. The event was the LinDhu Gathering and Healing Fest which is set deep  within the wonderful Lincolnshire Wolds at an enchanted space which has been created by the lovely Jayne Culver and Peter Kirke. There was much love, laughter, learning and healing to be enjoyed by all.

The space it is set in is absolutely incredible and the energy hits you as soon as you step out of the car. The site comprises a working farm and extensive horse livery, but there is more, so much more!

At one end of the site there is a wonderful, calm, peaceful meditation/temple area where you can go and light a candle, or incense. Write a note and pin it on to to prayer tree or just simply be. Many of the notes on the tree were deeply moving, especially the ones written by the children, because this is a weekend very much geared towards the whole family, dogs included. 

After sitting in the temple, you can walk the labyrinth, or sit/stand in the healing spiral, both wonderful, calming, healing experiences.

The other features of this site include a sweat lodge, a stone circle in the woods, a campsite, a large barn, including wood burning stove and a huge marquee as well as the stalls where you can buy any number of magical and often hand crafted items.

The things that happen here heal the spirit and set it soaring. There were wonderful talks on subjects as diverse as Druidry, crystal healing, crop circles, weather and elementals and many, many other things. There were life enhancing workshops including shamanic techniques, incense making and working with willow.

The Abus Coritani, of which I am a member, conducted the opening and closing circles in the square and planted a sacred tree in the woods to stand for generations as a prayer and blessings tree which will be known as the LinDhu tree. On Saturday night the square was also host to the wonderful Fire Crab, conducting the Fire Poi demonstration.

In addition to all this there was music from bands such as Merlin’s Keep, Endless Knot, Leafblade and the Angelic voiced Susan Raven. Drumming and chanting around the fire too and most of all, love, friendship and healing.

This weekend is, in short, a life changing experience and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it!


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