Love can heal all

It seems to me that recently more people than ever are starting to recognise their spiritual side, looking for the path that will bring them closer to ………. what? Is it a search for meaning? A way to find happiness? A route to opening up forgotten abilities? Whatever it is, its spreading. You only need to look in the Mind Body Spirit section of any bookshop, there are titles on anything from Buddhism to Paganism, Jesus to the Dalai Lama, Tarot to Angles.

The fact that people are realising that there is more to life than what money can buy has to be a good thing which will hopefully lead to us taking batter care of the planet, the plants and animals on it and also each other. Hopefully what all these spiritual seekers are looking for is love, and a way to share that love with the whole universe. But if this is the case, why does there seem to be so much fighting, arguing and bitchiness in what are supposed to be spiritual groups and communities.

I think it is fuelled by fear. Life has taught us, in our modern world, that everything is competative, and it seems that some people bring this over in to their search for a more spiritual way. They perhaps feel that they are not as far along the path to ‘enlightenment’ (a term I dislike enormously by the way) as someone else and so this causes feelings of inadequacy and jealously. Worse still, some people seem to feel they are more ‘spiritual’ than the next person, and consider themselves to be better and so this causes feelings of superiority and heightened ego.

What we need to realise is that, while we may be able to help someone along their path now and again (if they ask, or just by example) ultimately the only path that should concern us is our own. We must treat others with love and try to send love even to negative situations, but that is the only energy we should send. Hold back your anger, jealousy, disappointment and send love and that will heal all.

It really saddens me to see people who are searching for a more spiritual way of life trying to undermine the seeking of others by petty and vindictive words and actions. Love can heal all, lets strive for that.


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