Mabon at Thornborough

My first visit to one of my 60 by 60 places was to Thornborough Henges this weekend. We were there for the Mabn (Autumn Equinox) celebrations with lots of other pagans. The colourful clothing and colourful characters coupled with the glorious weather, showing one last flush before the descent into winter, made it a very memorable day.

On of the highlights of the day for me was a talk on the Celtic Chakras by the wonderfil Elen Sentier, giving me much food for thought, and so much to go off an research too. I met so many wonderful people who before I had only known is cyber space. So much nicer to meet people face to face, and also to get together with friends old and new.

Another highlight was the beautiful, meaningful and moving Ritual conducted in the centre of the Central Henge. It was inclusive and made everyone feel a part of it which was wonderful.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend but to be able to get a feel for the Heges was not as easy as if there had been no one there, so maybe another visit is in order when there are not so many there.


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