Another of my 60 by 60 ticked off!

We had been told that this was perhaps the best weekend for rhis visit, as the season was about at its height for this year. What season am I talking of? The birthing of new baby seals at Donna Nook in Lincolnshire.


Donna Nook is normally an RAF bombing range, but during the autumn months it becomes a huge tourist attraction with visitors coming many miles to see the spectacle of hundred of seal pups, cows and bulls coming right up to the fencing. Its a photographers paradise.

I was brought almost to tears by the sight of so many beautiful creatures so close. And the noise! The bulls chase each other along the beach, protecting their territory, however small it seemed to us, they sure knew the boundaries. Pups cried and called to their mums who shuffled over to them before rolling over to allow the pups to suckle. Image

We saw one pup who the warden informed us was only 30 minutes old! It was the first time we had ever witnessed this natural spectacle, it certainly won’t be the last!


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