Normality is resumed (almost)

Today life, for many people, is back to the daily routine of getting up and going to work, but for us, there is still a little while yet as none of us has to deal with that until next week! So this morning saw us taking the dog to the park, in the rain, and it was quieter than when we normally go, whether that is because of the rain, or the mass return to work, I don’t know.

The park is still beautiful in winter, but it is a different kind of beauty, a stark, raw beauty. It is the only time really that we can appreciate the beauty of Silver Birch bark as there are no leaves as distraction.


There were signs of Spring to come though as little shoots were to be seen pushing their heads up through the soil. There were Magpies and Crows aplenty too, noisily making their presence felt as well as a shy little squirrel, who was watchfully allowing me to get a little closer, until I got my camera phone out!

Back it home it is lovely to be able to do what you want too without the daily grind intruding on my time, so today has seen beds changed, housework done, washing and cleaning, and making yummy homemade bread and homemade mushroom soup! There is also always knitting that I want to do!

All traces of Yule have now been removed, altars cleaned and redone, tree outside, now waiting to be re-potted in the spring, and hopefully brought in again next year.

So it seems we now begin the long, slow, cold climb to Spring, the next marker on the calendar being Imbolc, as the wheel continues to turn.


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