We are enough

At this time of year my thoughts inevitable turn to self improvement. After a little over indulgence over the festive period I always vow to lose weight, get fit, improve my eating habits, make more time for meditation, learn new skills and learn about new subjects. Some of these ‘resolutions’ last a few days, some a few weeks, some even a month or more, but eventually I inevitable return to how things started out.

I have been trying to figure out why this is so and I think I may have found an answer (well one that applies to me any way). Wherever we look in the media, there are images and articles telling us we are not enough, we need the perfect body, we need to be more energetic, we need to achieve so much more. Rather than inspiring us, as I assume is its aim (well that and selling you a particular product) it can act as somewhat of a de-motivator, making us feel we are not good enough and we can never be the perfection we seek.

If this is the case then I think what we need to do is realise that, as we are now, we are enough. That is not to say that no improvements can be made, but that even if they don’t, we are enough. We are valuable in our own right and we should embrace that, we should love ourselves not punish ourselves.

In learning to love ourselves, we can then start to do what is best for our bodies, feeding them the right foods, giving them the right amount of exercise, through love, not guilt!

So we should always remember, we are enough!


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