There has been a lot of talk recently of ‘upcycling’ in other words, using old items to make new items, often clothing, though not always. Its a similar idea to the old wartime slogan of ‘make do and mend.

In these days of both recession and global warming, it has a twofold purpose. It is a form of recycling, it reduces the need for new items, which uses both valuable resources and pollution heavy energy, as well as saving money by making things yourself from things you already have.

In the spirit of this idea, I have gone back to a very old craft, that used to be visible in most ordinary, working class homes as recently as half a century ago. What is it I’m taking about? Well, all I have to buy is hessian (very cheap) and it uses up all our old clothes, bedding, table linen that is past charity shopping, and I feel it enhances our living space too. I speak of nothing other than the old ‘make do and mend’ activity of Rag Rugs. It is indeed a craft that is growing in popularity once more, its very simple to do, you can make any pattern that you can imagine (and draw) and it is something that will last for many years.

To show how easy it is, here is the very first one I have made, but be assured, there will be many more, I’m hooked! (pardon the pun)



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