The Druid Staff

Whenever I have attended ritual, for the past 12 years anyway, I have been accompanied by my staff, and I have often been asked, “what is a Druid Staff for?” “What does it represent?” and other such similar questions. Now I am perfectly sure that if you ask 10 druids what their staff is for (those that carry one anyway) you would get at least 11 different answers! So the only way I can answer that question is to say what my staff means to me, what I use it for, what it represents for me, in the process sharing a part of my inner self ….. so here goes!

Firstly, my staff is a very special gift, as it was carved for me by my husband for a very special ritual that we were a part of at Stonehenge in 2001 and so it contains all the elements that are important to me. Firstly, it is carved from Oak, a tree sacred to the druids of old and very special to me, being my most favourite of all the trees, being representative of strength, and also the symbol of the Druid Grade. I was not a graduate of this grade when I received this gift, but am now, another sign to me that the wood was the right choice.

The carving on the top is that of a Merlin Hawk, my spirit animal and the one I usually transform into in meditations.


Next is a carving of my god, Cernunnos, who spoke to me long before I set my feet on a Druid path.


Then comes an ogham inscription, which reads ‘may the sight of the hawk and the strength of the oak be mine’.


And lastly is the carving of beautiful ivy leaves around the stem, symbolising nature, and how one life-form is used to support others.



All these things together adds up to mean that my staff is so closely associated with so many things that are of importance to me that it feels as if it is a part of me, which is why I always take it into any ritual circle.

In addition to all this, my staff is the still point in any working that connects me to the earth on which it rests and from which it came, and also to the sky it stretched up to when it was part of a mighty Oak tree. It represents, to me my Craeb, the central pole of my spiritual dwelling and the connector between the 3 worlds.

Could I see myself going into a ritual circle without it? Yes I could, but I would rather go with it.


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