Imbolc Celebrations

We gathered in the car park of a popular local woodland, but then set off along a path that was less chosen by the usual visitors, to a small grove of Beech trees. The previous few days had seen rain and high winds. Today was a soft breeze, clear skies and bright sunshine. We were a small group, just over a dozen of us, and we were there to honour Brighid and mark the coming of spring with ritual, poetry and songs.

The energy in the circle was warm and energised, the laughter and sharing afterwards equally warm and you could feel the love flowing along with the mead (the latter in moderation). I truly count myself blessed to have found such a wonderful spiritual family to share these times with and thank each and every one of them for the happiness they bring to our gatherings and to my life, may Brighid continue to bless us!



2 thoughts on “Imbolc Celebrations

  1. Well although the temperature goes up and down like a yo-yo and the sun really can’t decide whether to stay or go, it does feel like spring is coming around here. I stood and basked in the sunlight when I walked the dog this morning and it was wonderful. Happy Imbolc x

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