Meeting yourself

If you were to take a journey to meet yourself, what, and who would you find? Would you like this person, would you want to be friends?

This is the question I have been working on recently, taking a long hard look at myself and it can be a very good eercise to do, and a powerful self development tool.

When done in meditation it is possible for you to be part of a discussion with yourself, as a way to get to know who you really are because in our society today sometimes we let little bits of ourselves go, or push them to the back, to be able to function as part of that society and to be accepted into it.

Questions to ask yourself can include anything you want but it is useful if you try to look at yourself as a stranger. Are you kind? are you caring? are you open and honest? are you a good friend? Do you make the most of your talents? do you make the most of your opportunities? Do you try to live to you ideals? Do you look after yourself as you deserve? Do you need to make any changes?

That last question is the really vital one. You can ask yourself all the others, analyse your answers, and you will be very lucky if you can answer the last one in the negative. There is often much work to be done in my experience, but without a ‘job list’ you will never start.

If, for example, you ask yourself, do I make the most of my opportunities, and you feel that you don’t, then this is where to start. Make a plan of action as to how you are going to change this, for example, someone asks you to try a new activity you have never done, and you quite like the idea, but feel you don’t have the time/energy/money to accept. Try looking at it again and really trying to see a way around it so you can grab this opportunity.

By examining your life in this way, you will be making the changes that you want, that you think is necessary, not someone else’s idea of a better you, but your own.

I am currently working on my list, and there is much work to be done, but at least I am trying!



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