The nature of Truth

As a Druid the truth is very important to me and the pursuit of truth is something I see as part of my spiritual path, I always try to be truthful in my words and in my deeds although this is not always as simple as it seems, and sometimes people are determined to disregard or misunderstand your truth for their own reasons. This got me thinking, always a dangerous thing!

Is truth always true for everyone, or is it sometimes subjective? Is something that is true for you always true for everyone, or may they see it as a lie. Is it maybe a matter of interpretation sometimes? Are we fulfilling our obligation to the truth if we truly believe what we say is true and what we do comes from our interpretation of the truth?

I don’t think it is an easy question to answer, and maybe I will never be able to but I would be interested in other people’s opinions.



One thought on “The nature of Truth

  1. This truly is a difficult one. No pun intended. How I see it is, the truth is a personal thing. If one believe something to be true, then they are fulfilling their obligation of being truthful. If however information comes to them which causes doubt they will need to re evaluate their belief. I suppose, truth is mainly subjective depending on the situation and facts at hand. Some people will challenge and twist what you say for no other reason than they don’t agree or it simply doesn’t support their wishes.
    The Wanderer.

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