Spring is here?


This was near the site of our Alban Eilir (spring equinox) ritual. It is Julian’s Bower at Alkborough, set high up on an escarpment overlooking the confluence of the Trent, Ouse and Humber Rivers, and a very atmospheric site it is.

Our ritual was held in a grove of trees just a short walk down the path from here, where thankfully it was slightly more sheltered. The snow still lay on the ground, making casting the circle on uneven ground a little more treacherous than usual! It was commented on by one of our members that the Spring Equinox ritual was 10 degrees colder than the Winter Solstice one we had done a few months earlier!

Despite the cold, the energy we raised warmed up the circle when compared with outside of it, but still, I think it was the quickest ritual we have ever had, taking about 15 minutes in all!

Although it was anything but springlike though, there were signs of the new season, such as catkins on the trees and shoots poking their heads through the snow, and I truly believe the only was the mark the passing of the seasons is to ge out there and experience whatever Mother Nature wants to send our way! It has to be said though, we were all pleased to regroup back at a members house for coffee and cake.