Tarot Workshop


It was another full house on Saturday at The Avalon Room at Barney’s Café in Barnetby for the tarot workshop led by Patrick Kavanagh. He explained how even picking up a tarot deck is a magical act and so it was important for us to all ground ourselves in the way we would usually do. After we were all grounded, the workshop could begin.


Patrick told us much about the history of the tarot, some of it from very surprising sources! Who knew the Catholic church was so interested in the art of divination?

He also had some very interesting stories to tell us about his own experiences with the tarot over many years, and to demonstrate how it was possible for anyone to read the tarot with one participant giving a reading for another using the Mythic Tarot.

A very interesting part of the afternoon was getting to look at all the different decks, although I’m sure that will lead those of us with TAS (Tarot Acquisition Syndrome!) having to increase our collections!

We were given some very comprehensive notes on card meanings to bring away with us too so we can study them at home.

We also had a fascinating discussion about the nature of tarot reading, what it meant to us, and where we though the information may be coming from. Is it the we already have all the answers and the tarot id just a tool for accessing this knowledge?

As always, it was lovely to see old friends, and new friends,  from far and near, and to welcome some brand new people too. It is always a pleasure to spend time with like-minded people, and to see our spiritual gatherings grow from strength to strength.

Inevitably, the learning and sharing of information was followed up by the sharing of cake, tea and homemade wine. After all, it WAS an Abus Coritani gathering, and such things are fast becoming our trade marks!



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