Talking to trees


The picture above is of a very old friend of mine. He is a venerable old Oak tree with whom I have taken many journeys! “Journeys, with a tree?” You may be thinking. Let me explain. Many of us have had the urge to go and hug a tree, many of us do indeed give in to that urge, many of us have a real feeling of connection to these majestic giants. Many of us have felt their incredible energy.

I believe that certain old trees not only exist in our realm, but are indeed fixed points, that appear in, and hold together, more than one realm. Such tree, if they are willing, can assist us in accessing these other realms, and journeying to them. The old Oak in the picture is one such tree. Many are the times when I have sat with my back resting on him, entered a meditative state, and have gone down through the roots, or up through the branches, to another world. There I have met ancestors, spirit animals, spirit guides, gods and goddesses! I have been shown a way out of problems, the next step to take, given the gift of a story, a poem or an inspiring idea.

How do I know that i have not just imagined this? How do i know that it is not all in my mind? I don’t.
But does it actually matter whether I am actually seeing the reality of other worlds, picking up on memories from the trees, or just tapping in to my own unconscious mind? If it is a way to access knowledge and understanding that we can not reach by normal means, does it matter?

Over the years I have come across many people striving for a more spiritual way of life, and desperate to make these sorts of connections, but really struggle to do so. Our modern world is all about instant gratification, materialism, believing only what you can see and hold onto. Many of us that could see things ‘beyond the ordinary’ as children were told ‘don’t be silly, there’s nothing there’, ‘you’re making it up’ or as Harry Potter was told in the story ‘there’s no such thing as magic!’ And so, we learned to believe this. What we need to do is learn to trust. Learn to listen, learn to still our minds and shut out the everyday ‘chatter’ and to open our spiritual eyes rather than just trust on our physical senses. Don’t worry that you are ‘making it up’, just let the images come, let your mind drift along the road less travelled, you may bring back a treasure of more worth than gold!


6 thoughts on “Talking to trees

  1. Beautifully written Diane, Trees and their elementals and spirits are such a great source of comfort and learning, this is one of the things that ‘modern day’ man has chosen to leave behind. Once you enter into the realm of natures kingdom, the possibilities are limitless, everyone should at least once be given the chance to journey to this wonderous place….
    I personally think we should be taught it in school, or at least have it included in lessons, there would be a lot less stress in the world…….

  2. The modern mentality of the conscious, analytical, questioning and critical mind is a strong physical and spiritual block to entering the other realms. It is impossible to journey whilst clinging onto these. One cannot pass through the veil in our physical form. We must leave our physical body in the physical world and journey with open heart and mind πŸ™‚
    The Wanderer….

  3. I’m lucky to have a wood nearby, where I walk the dog most days – and I too have a special tree – a beech – old and majestic. I speak to him (I feel sure it is a him), and enjoy watching the ways he changes through the seasons and with the weather. There are lots of other dog walkers who I see regularly, and I wonder how many of us in our quiet ways are also feeling the connection with trees – might be more than you think.

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