Beltane Beauty


Yesterday was the day we had set for our groups Beltane celebration and the weather forecast was not too great. During the morning we had a couple of heavy showers, and at one point even sleet! I trusted to the fact though, that in around 4 years we had never had anything more than a light, short shower during a ritual, so I just had to trust that the weather magic would work once again, I was not disappointed! When we needed it there was warm, beautiful sunshine.

When we got the the Saxon House site we were met by our lovely hosts, and good friends Jude and Steve, dressed in their saxon clothes for the event.


We then went to the Grove where the ceremony would take place, in order to set up the circle. Jude already had an altar set up in the centre and a circle of upright logs marked the circle. So we places a lantern in each quarter, red for south/fire, green for north/earth, yellow for east/air and blue for west/water. We had 2 lanterns in the centre, to represent the Beltane fires that everyone would pass through to be cleansed and renewed, and another lantern for the light bearer.


After the circle was set up we returned to the Saxon House to meet everyone who had arrived and to get ready for the ritual. When everyone was gathered we returned to the grove of trees, all native species, to begin the ritual.

The energy raised was warm and wonderful, as was the friendship! We always say, there always has to be a minor mistake somewhere in the proceedings, and this one was the substitution of water for mead, as we had left the bottle back at the Saxon House! A first for Abus Coritani to have no mead at a ritual! Despite this though, the ritual was made very special by all the wonderful people there, about 25 in all.


After the ritual there was fun and frolics, cake and wine, and of course, the traditional Beltane fire! As always with the Abus Coritani, I left feeling very blessed indeed to know so many wonderful people!






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