The Pilgrimage

Well it is just over a week since I returned home and am now over the post Glastonbury blues! It always seems as if the energy there is so high that on returning home I always have a bit of a slump!

As always though, it was wonderful to be there for a few days and even more special to share it with good friends. Of course we did all the usual things, the first of those being to have a look around all the wonderful shops after we has set up camp. This is the only town I know where the entire length of the High Street smells of incense!

Our next visit was to the Chalice Well Gardens. The stunning display of flowers was breath-taking.

We sat in meditation and listened to the birds and drank in the scent. We also drank in the healing waters and also dipped our feet in the healing pool before visiting the Well head.

The next visit was to Glastonbury Abbey, and what a perfect time to visit! Tha Apple orchard was in full bloom ad the scent was intoxicating!

The herb garden looked splendid and the whole place was brightened by the sunshine, making for a very pleasant visit!

We also visited the Goddess Temple, the many wonderful shops, the Blue Note Cafe, and the many other attractions Glastonbury has to offer!

This time we also visited the incredibly beautiful Wells and Impressive Bath. Five days is far too short a time to spend there, but however long it was, coming away would always be difficult. So if for no other reason than so I can relive it once more, here are a few more pictures!