A Magical Weekend

ImageI am just back from an amazing weekend in the Lincolnshire Wolds at the Lin Dhu Esoteric Gathering. It is a magical gathering of amazing people and it includes talks, workshops, music and wonderful, mostly hand crafted, goods from a good selection of stalls.

After we had set up camp, had something to eat and caught up with lots of friends, the weekend really got started with the opening circle.


This was a lovely ceremony to set the intention for the weekend and connect us all together. After this, there was just so much going on that it was not possible to get to everything but I really enjoyed the things I did manage to catch. We spent a good while drumming around the fire.


The main event for me on the Friday night was the music of the wonderful Merlin’s Keep and dancing the night away with a lovely friend, followed by sitting out by the campfire and watching the meteor shower until 3am!

Saturday morning I was lucky enough to attend two fabulous talks. The first one was a talk about Faeries, Spirits and Ghosts by Neil Geddes-Ward and was very interesting!


Neil told us lots of anecdotes and experiences about these encounters and some that were maybe not all they seemed to be!

The next talk was by Ashley Mortimer and it was about Doreen Valiente – mother of modern witchcraft, and about the Doreen Valiente Foundation, of which Ashley is a trustee,


In addition to telling us of Doreen’s history and her influence on modern witchcraft, he also brought a number of artifacts from her legacy which is now owned by the foundation to be held in trust.


It was wonderful to be able to see and even handle some of these objects,

The next experience is one I would recommend to everyone if you get to try it! It was a Gong Bath done by Keith Duke.


This involved laying on the floor, eyes closed and being ‘bathed’ in the wonderful, deep, soul enriching sounds of a selection of different gongs, the effect was completely amazing!

The evening saw us going on a herb walk with Ali English. A wonderful half hour session wandering around the site, identifying herbs and learning of their uses.


There was more music to be had in the evening and lots more socialising with friends round the fire and meteor spotting too.

The Sunday morning saw me over at the woodland stage early to join David Nundy for Tai Chi.


I have never done Tai Chi before and was amazed at how wonderful it felt to be doing it, so much so that I spoke to David, a good friend of mine, to ask if there was anyway we could do some more of it, so keeping fingers crossed for that one.

There was then a two hour Past Life workshop with Ian Timothy with lots of interesting information. Later there was a treat in store in the form of Steve Mitchell and his talk The Science of Magic.


He had us doing several experiments which certainly surprised a number of people and it was indeed a fascinating talk on a fascinating subject. As we were leaving I heard a number of people saying how much they had enjoyed it!

There was more music to finish before it was time to go home and leave Lin Dhu for another year, wonderful friends and wonderful energies that will live in the memory forever.