Crystal Energies


I have just had an amazing weekend weekend of working with the wonderful, sometimes gentle, sometimes powerful, energies of crystals.

Saturday saw me doing crystal healing and chakra balancing treatments involving dowsing the chakras to see where problems may lie, using the sound vibrations from a tibetan singing bowl and the careful placement of appropriate crystals to return the body to full balance. It wonderful to see people leave a session looking much more relaxed and happy than when they came in!

Sunday was time for me to share my love of these wonderful objects with a few other people in my Crystal Healing Workshop. I am always amazed how people come in with little confidence in their ability and intuition only to realise that they have the gift of healing within them (as we all do). It is wonderful to watch them listening to that inner knowing when dowsing chakras and choosing crystals.

I have worked with crystals for many years now and never tire of watching them bring joy to others too. I truly am blessed to be able to do what I do and share it with others.



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