Candle Magic


It sometimes seems that life goes by so quickly, there is always something else to do and little time to enjoy it, but it seems my Sundays are now mostly a time to share special times with people, share laughter, joy and hopefully a little knowledge! Although I now seem to work lots of my Sundays, it is always something very enjoyable, and this week saw me teaching a short workshop on candle magic!

Firstly we covered the basics of deciding goals and visualising intent, what sort of candles etc. Then we looked at the different colours and what they correspond to. Next we looked at anointing your candle and which oils to choose for this, and the possibility of adding herbs too. Next came a discussion about writing your intent, either on paper (in the form of a rhyming spell) or etching words or runes into the candle itself.

Having covered the theory we moved on to more practical matters where each member of the group decided on a goal and chose an appropriate colour candle for their purpose. Then came the etching of words and symbols and the mixing of anointing oils. This was followed by dressing the candles as we filled the room with amazing aromas from all the different essential oils. Finally there was a rhyming spell and although we were not aiming at Shakespearean verse, I’m sure they will be effective none the less!

Each participant took their candles home, some also took their left over anointing oil with a promise of burning them at home with full directions on how to complete the spells. I now look forward to feedback on the results!

It really is wonderful to watch people sharing good times and learning something new that interests them. I really look forward to my working Sundays!


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