To work, or rest?

I have the usual school holiday dilemma. I work in a pupil referral unit for vulnerable teenagers, and it can be quite a demanding job. I also do and teach alternative therapies at weekends. I am also a craft addict, I spin, weave, knit, crochet, felt, do various papercrafts and read whenever I can. I also have health problems (Meniere’s Disease) which can tend to slow me down (or at times even stop me dead!)

Housework is always a necessary evil and certainly not a love of mine and so what is absolutely necessary gets done, what is not tends to get put off. School holidays are an opportunity to catch up on tasks that build up over term time.

The last term seems to have been particularly demanding though, what with GCSE exams and various student problems, and working almost every weekend too that I find myself feeling tired and drained, so the question is, do I work in the house getting lots of heavy duty jobs done, or do I rest with a few crafts and some good books to recuperate for the term ahead?