Lovely Lughnasadh

Saturday morning saw some mixed weather conditions and the forecast was for rain in the afternoon, so as I was teaching a candle magic workshop in the morning, my spell was for dry weather for the ritual! (I had actually already done my weather witching for the event, but thought a little extra would do no harm!)

We met at Julian’s Bower, a stunning local site comprising an ancient turf maze, more accurately a labyrinth as it has only one path in and out, and breathtaking views across the confluence of 3 rivers, the Ouse, Trent and Humber. We then walked a little way along the path to a small grove of trees, where we would do our ritual.

We were a smaller group for this ritual than we had been for quite some time, probably due to the large number of people on holiday, and some were ritual virgins!

The circle was set up as usual and Libby, who had written and was leading this ritual, gave out parts, just enough for the number of people there, although she didn’t know how many there would be beforehand! It was a very moving ritual, performed with great feeling and the energy was powerful and magical. To say come people had not done ritual with us before, and almost half had never had speaking parts before, the group dynamics were amazing. Such a wonderful and energising experience and I would like to thank Libby for putting together a wonderful ritual, and thanks also to all who came along and made it such a memorable ritual.

And in case you are wondering, the weather did remain dry throughout the who ritual, the goddess even delivered us lots of nice sunshine, creating dappled shade amongst the trees, so thanks to the goddess for that.

The traditional post-ritual picnic however… we all set up, sat on the grass with lots of yummy treats in store, blankets on the ground etc and minutes later, as if from nowhere, the sky darkened and the heaviest rain imaginable crashed down on us! The cars were literally 2 minutes walk from the picnic site, but by the time we got there we were thoroughly soaked. There was lots of laughter though and some very soggy hugs and we all got in our cars and left … truly a blessing by the element of water for the newbies and oldies alike!


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