Samhain thoughts

As the old year dies, along with the greenery, thoughts turn to what has been achieved this year, and what has not. I find myself disheartened by many things, in particular, the failure of the government to listen to the people, the way many folks seem to be merely sleepwalking through life, neither realising what is happening, nor noticing the beauty all around them, the over commercialisation of ‘Spirituality for Sale’ and the continuing in-fighting in the pagan community. But I am determined to step away from the old year and leave these feelings behind, in the hope of embracing a better, more positive and more productive year to come.

I have the most wonderful friends and I know, that between us we can, if we try, raise enough positive energy to make a difference in our own community, and in the wider world too. Magical working is a powerful force when carried our with conviction and hope, this is the year of making a difference. I know those who will join me in this. Maybe there are more yet to discover in the year to come, but whatever happens, I am hopeful!

My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here.
Jim Henson