Changing perspective


Isn’t it odd how a change in perspective can make things appear so differently? 

This morning we moved our living room around, putting the sofas in a different place and adding a chair, and that simple act has resulted in us looking at everything from a slightly different angle. The differences are subtle, but its little things like where the light from the window falls. Sitting on one of the sofas now means we are bathed in light, whereas before, we were seated in a duller place.

Of course, other things are less pleasant, I have had to get the duster out again, as little nooks and crannies that were not noticable before are now thrown in focus!

It just fot me thinking though, how things change if viewed from a different angle. This does not just go for physical spaces though, it can also apply to situations. We may have difficulty seeing someone’s motives for behaving in a certain way, but of course we are seeing it from our experiences and our backgrounds. If we try to imagine what the view must look like from their viewpoint, while we may still not agree with their actions, it is maybe a little easier to understand them … Sometimes. But sometimes, someone’s experience may be so far away from our own that it is difficult to put ourselves in that position, and these are the situations that are most difficult to deal with. At such times, the only thing we can do is be mindful of how we react, as that is something we ARE in control of. That is often easier said than done, but the peace of mind it can offer means it is always work perservering with.

Change your view, change your life!


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