Magical knitting


Part of the path of Druidry is concerned with finding and connecting with Awen, otherwise known as ‘flowing spirit’ or divine inspiration. This is often most evident during our creative endeavours. Whether this be poetry, story or song writing or indeed creating works of art or crafting items in wood, wool or any other material. So for me, knitting can be a magical act.

I say can be, as like all magic, there has to be intention for it to be so. Knitting is a very meditative pursuit as experienced knitters don’t really need to focus entirely on the work itself, so the mind is free to contemplate the deeper aspects. Hands, needles and yarn working together to create something beautiful, something filled with the creators intent and something functional too.

I have recently been knitting prayer shawls and making flowers to decorate them too. They will have love, healing, peace and protection stitched into their very fabric and hopefully will help the wearer to access these very things through their wearing in meditation, prayer and ritual.

Creativity is not just about churning out items, it is about putting a little of yourself out into the world!



One thought on “Magical knitting

  1. I am new to Druidry, and have always loved knitting, finding it both meditative and creative, (but haven’t been knitting lately), so this was a lovely idea for me to think about. I love the thought of connecting Druidry with knitting.

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