Celebrating Age

In our society today, getting older is not generally seen as a cause for celebration. Our society values youth and beauty above age and experience. That was not always so, and is still not true of some cultures, but in ours, as you age, you are deemed to be less useful.

Mentally I do not really feel any different to how I was at 20, although experience has perhaps taught me to be a little more tolerant and patient with others. So what to do when, as I have, you reach 54, try to make ourselves look as young as we can, or accept who we are, and celebrate it?

I have recently made a decision to stop dying my hair, after many years of doing so, and let the grey come through. It feels good to have made that decision. As I speak to other women though, many feel they are not ‘ready’ to do that. If they are continuing to dye for their own preference, that is fine, but is it sometimes because of the expectations of others? If it is, that is quite sad.

As part of this idea of celebration age, myself and a couple of friends who are slightly older than me, decided to have a croning ceremony in Cumbria. We gathered with a small group of friends at Long Meg and had a wonderful ritual that was about recognising our experience and valuing us for that.

It was a wonderful, warm, loving experience, and one that I would recommend to any woman who has passed child bearing age. It is. Ot a time for mourning what has gone, but of celebrating the path that we have trod, and looking forward to what lies ahead!

Mixed Blessings

Yesterday was a mixed sort of a day. There were upsets and frustrations over family matters that cast a bit of a cloud over the first part of the day, but as always my wonderful circle of friends managed to turn that around!
The afternoon was spent wandering around the wonderful Japanese farden pictured above. The rain was falling quite heavily, but umbrellas are marvellous inventions, and it anything, the rain freshened everything and made it all the more beautiful. The company of good friends always makes it a sunny day whatever the weather, and this outing was no exception. The ‘Heavenly Tea’ also helped!

After the amble round the garden however, the adternoon took a rather surreal turn. We were there for a concert entitled ‘Natures Heart’ and while I was not sure what to expect, it can be safely said that it was nothing like I imagined! I am sure that many there enjoyed the adternoon’s ‘entertainment’ but it was not to my taste, nor that of my friends, so after the first half (1 hour) we escaped into the garden for the half hour break, then left before the second hour began.

The most enjoyable part of the whole day though was the friendship we shared, so despite the weather, and the ‘music’ I believe a good time was had by all!

Trying to blog

Ok so thinking about it this morning, we all do so much in our lives, but how much of it will we ultimately remember?

My father is now living in a care home as he has dementia, and he cannot remember that he had luch 20 minutes before we arrived, let alone what he ate. These recent experiences have made me realise how memory is not always a permanent thing, and something we should not take for granted.

Victorian and Edwardian ladies would often keep diaries or journals, and yes, I know, they had less than we do to get through each day, but I thought I may start to record the things I want to remember on here.

So yesterday started with a trip out with my father to a local outdoor shop, then a garden centre where we went for a morning coffee and some cake. A small thing maybe, but surely better than him spending all his days inside the care home.

In the afternoon I taught a workshop on how to make, and use, chakra mala, and it was a lovely afternoon spent with wonderful people. We looked at how these beautiful objects can easily be made using gemstone beads. We then looked at how they can be used, through a set of affirmations, to strengthen and balance the chakras. There was also fun to be had while measuring each other’s auras, before and after making and handling the beads, and using the affirmations.


Sometimes, when we have been through difficult times, and there has been hurt and upset, these feelings can linger longer than they need to because their energies have attached themselves to the fabric of our living/working spaces. These energies often need to be shaken out and swept away, to make room for happy times. So when the workshop was over, myself and two of my sisters of spirit did an energy cleanse of a friend’s workspace to remove stuck energy and set some protection around it. All in all, quite a busy day, but a very satisfying one!