Trying to blog

Ok so thinking about it this morning, we all do so much in our lives, but how much of it will we ultimately remember?

My father is now living in a care home as he has dementia, and he cannot remember that he had luch 20 minutes before we arrived, let alone what he ate. These recent experiences have made me realise how memory is not always a permanent thing, and something we should not take for granted.

Victorian and Edwardian ladies would often keep diaries or journals, and yes, I know, they had less than we do to get through each day, but I thought I may start to record the things I want to remember on here.

So yesterday started with a trip out with my father to a local outdoor shop, then a garden centre where we went for a morning coffee and some cake. A small thing maybe, but surely better than him spending all his days inside the care home.

In the afternoon I taught a workshop on how to make, and use, chakra mala, and it was a lovely afternoon spent with wonderful people. We looked at how these beautiful objects can easily be made using gemstone beads. We then looked at how they can be used, through a set of affirmations, to strengthen and balance the chakras. There was also fun to be had while measuring each other’s auras, before and after making and handling the beads, and using the affirmations.


Sometimes, when we have been through difficult times, and there has been hurt and upset, these feelings can linger longer than they need to because their energies have attached themselves to the fabric of our living/working spaces. These energies often need to be shaken out and swept away, to make room for happy times. So when the workshop was over, myself and two of my sisters of spirit did an energy cleanse of a friend’s workspace to remove stuck energy and set some protection around it. All in all, quite a busy day, but a very satisfying one!