What an odd concept it is, this putting back of the clocks. As if, somehow, we can add more time on to the day, or take some away. A day is the same length, whatever the clock may say.
Unfortunately though, most of us have our lives dictated to by the ticking masters in the corners of our rooms. When to get up, when to leave the house, when to eat, when to sleep.
But what is time really but a man made concept. I am always reminded at this time of year how our ancestors lived, not by the rhythm of the pendulum, but by the rhythm of the seasons and the motion of the sun. Their lives were dominated by the growing season of crops and before that by the migration patterns of the animals.
It is true that our lives are less fraught with danger than they were then but I feel, that in losing our close connection to the earth and her seasons, we have lost a very important part of ourselves.


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