I have spent many years following the wheel of the year round as a pagan. Celebrating each of the eight festivals with ritual in some outdoor space. As such, I  have enjoyed or endured every type of weather that nature chose to throw at me.

The most recent of these celebrations was 3 weeks ago, with the rite of Imbolc. Each of these occasions inevitably leads one to think of those other rituals from previous years. Our group, in its various guises, has seen rain, hail, sleet, snow and even watery sunshine for this rite. This year, however, is the first one where it has been warm enough to necessitate removing coats, as evidenced by the
picture above.

While warmer weather is almost always welcome, it is just not right. Where is the cold weather, where the snow? The plants are confused, birds are nest building. If we do get a cold snap, there will be much damage done.

Talking of damage, what is it with all the winds? I have never known a winter of such consistently windy weather.

It only goes to remind us that even though our lifestyle may be affecting the climate, nature is indeed very powerful and will win in the end. We challenge it at our peril.


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