Time to rest!


I work Monday to Friday, quite a stress filled position with lots of responsibility and not a lot of downtime. And often the workload impacts on my at home time too with reports to read, emails to be answered etc. 

So come the weekend, should there be rest? What would that consist of? Obviously there are household chores to be completed etc, but also there are other duties that call, family obligations and responsibilities etc.
So what has the weekend been comprised of? Well, yesterday morning, I had some business to do at the bank, then there was the weekly shopping to do and obviously various household chores. In the evening, we had a drive out to a lovely country pub where we had a gorgeous meal in very relaxed surroundings, before having to dash back to pick up our son. 

Sunday mornings though, surely they are for resting and relaxing? Right?

Well this morning we had to go and collect my Dad at his care home and take him out for the morning as we do most weekends. This weekend we went for a wander through Normanby Park. We saw spring blooming forth with daffodils, snowdrops, crocusses, primrose, catkins and new leaf buds bursting open. We also saw deer, a squirrel, peacocks, peahens, pheasants, crows, jackdaws, a nuthatch, great tits, long tailed tits, moorhens, mallards and many others.

This afternoon i met an old work colleague who I only see a couple of times a yearand we talked, laughed, drank cider and relived old times. We put the world to rights, sorted out the country’s education policy and SEN provision before bidding farewell and heading for home. Would I prefer to have stayed at home all weekend and rested! Hell no! Its not rest we need, it is enjoyable activity! Get out there and enjoy what your world has to offer, cos as they say … A change is as good as a rest!


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