To act or not to act (that is the question)


You could be forgiven for thinking I am considering amateur dramatics from the title of this piece. Thankfully for theatre lovers, this is not the case. I have just signed up for ‘a course in miracles’ as I have made a pledge to myself to try and develop a meditation habit.

As part of the sign up process I had to do a quiz to find out what negative thinking from my childhood may be holding me back. My result came out as ‘inaction’. On reading this my first thought was ‘outrageous!’ I take on more things than many people I know! I never have time to get bored, I always have something to do.

When I really started to think about it though, I realised that this is actually the problem though. I take on too much, I start too many things and finish too few. So actually I don’t think my problem is inaction, I think it is more a case of I’m complete action.

As such I need to learn to prioritise, to work on one thing at a time, and to finish it! Household chores need to be broken down into separate tasks. Often I look and see the huge amount of cleaning tasks and repair jobs to be done (house and garden are both a horrendous mess at the minute) and feel so overwhelmed that I can’t face doing any of it. If I broke it down into small tasks it would be more manageable.

The same is true of craft projects. I currently have projects in knitting, spinning, felting, quilting, sewing and weaving all on the go. I need to just pick one and finish it!

I  am determined to look at the way I work so that I can actually achieve something rather than just be constantly busy but actually getting nowhere!

Finding peace


In our druid and pagan rituals we often recite the Druid Peace prayer.

Deep within the still centre of my being
May I find peace.
Silently within the quiet of the Grove
May I share peace.
Gently (or powerfully) within the greater circle of humankind
May I radiate peace. /|\

Finding peace in such a fractured world is not always easy though. Our communities are shrinking, ever increasing numbers of factions appear in all walks of life, and it seems as a species we are intent on splitting into ever decreasing sized groups.

Once, we had tribes, large families, local communities. No, we are increasingly alone. While this may give us a kind of peace, solitude, it does not contribute to the peace of our communities, our countries, our world.

If I had the answer to this, or if any of us did, the perhaps utopia would be in sight. As we do not, my only answer, for me personally,bis to try to live up to the idea of the Druid Prayer.

‘Deep within the still centre of my being
May I find peace.’

If I can find no peace within, then I surely won’t don’t it anywhere else.

‘Silently within the quiet of the Grove
May I share peace.’

To me this is both the inner grove found in meditation, and also the outer grove that I share with our ritual group. I/we must strive to bring peace to both.

‘Gently (or powerfully) within the greater circle of humankind
May I radiate peace. /|\’

If I/we want a wider peace, we must ourselves radiate that peace out to the world. We must move past our petty differences, our past disagreements, and embrace each other as fellow souls on the journey, with peace, compassion and love.

This I will try to do in the hope that one day, it will spread and envelop the whole world!