To act or not to act (that is the question)


You could be forgiven for thinking I am considering amateur dramatics from the title of this piece. Thankfully for theatre lovers, this is not the case. I have just signed up for ‘a course in miracles’ as I have made a pledge to myself to try and develop a meditation habit.

As part of the sign up process I had to do a quiz to find out what negative thinking from my childhood may be holding me back. My result came out as ‘inaction’. On reading this my first thought was ‘outrageous!’ I take on more things than many people I know! I never have time to get bored, I always have something to do.

When I really started to think about it though, I realised that this is actually the problem though. I take on too much, I start too many things and finish too few. So actually I don’t think my problem is inaction, I think it is more a case of I’m complete action.

As such I need to learn to prioritise, to work on one thing at a time, and to finish it! Household chores need to be broken down into separate tasks. Often I look and see the huge amount of cleaning tasks and repair jobs to be done (house and garden are both a horrendous mess at the minute) and feel so overwhelmed that I can’t face doing any of it. If I broke it down into small tasks it would be more manageable.

The same is true of craft projects. I currently have projects in knitting, spinning, felting, quilting, sewing and weaving all on the go. I need to just pick one and finish it!

I  am determined to look at the way I work so that I can actually achieve something rather than just be constantly busy but actually getting nowhere!


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