The Druids’ Isle


It is true for most of us that a holiday is good for mind and body alike, providing rest and relaxation as well as a much needed change of scenery. If that holiday also feeds the spirit, it can be a life enhancing and even life changing experience. Such I believe has been my trip to Anglesey.

I have been a Druid for almost 20 years, a member of OBOD for 10 and a Druid graduate for 6, and as such I am familiar with many of the celtic tales.
As a child my family often took me to North Wales on holiday and I in my own turn have taken my children. This being the case, it is perhaps surprising that I have never before really explored Anglesey. I have been over a couple of times but only very briefly and with very little idea of what to look for there.

So on Saturday, just over a week ago, as we crossed the Menai Bridge, I was very surprised at the rush of emotions I felt. I was almost brought to tears, but couldn’t have told you why. It was like a feeling of coming home, a feeling of belonging, as if the island extended its arms to embrace me.

Everywhere I looked, every site we visited, the old tales came to life, the spirits of the ancestors still dwell there, the gods are real and in evidence everywhere you look.

The ruins of old roundhouses and farm complexes seemed filled with noise and bustle, the laughter of children, even though there was no one to see but us. The castles rang to the clash of swords, the burial mounds were heavy with sorrow and yet strangely alive and welcoming.

On meeting and talking to the head of the Anglesey Druid order it made me realise I need to go back next year to do their course, but I certainly hope to return before then, as often as possible!