Today I paid a visit to the place where my life as a Druid began.

I had been a solitary pagan for a few years, been to a number of witchy/wiccan type group rituals. I had read so many books, lots of them about Druidry, which had sparked my interest.

My first Druid ritual though was at Barbrook stone circle, high up on the moors above Baslow in Derbyshire. It is beautiful and stark and windswept. And for me it was like coming home. There was a lovely group of people there, members of SONG (Spirit of the North Gatherings), led by the wonderful Maddy Johnson. We were made to feel so welcome and the ritual was powerful and moving. I had found my spiritual path and my home circle. 

That was many years ago now, and sadly SONG is no more, but that circle is still very special to me, and walking into it takes me back to the years we celebrated each sabbat there with them, and back even further to connect with those who built it.

Today, the circle felt sad. It seems from the overgrown paths and long grass in the circle as if it is no longer used regularly, and I think it misses it. Unfortunately it’s a bit far for our local group to use, but I hope someone does start to use it regularly. These places need that energy input. It brings them to life.

Up over the Moor at the back of Barbrook 1 is a very different circle, Barbrook 2. It looks completely different being ‘walled’. Ìt feels very womb like and welcoming and today felt a much happier place than Barbrook 1, but both are very special places. If you get a chance, I would recommend a visit!


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