Slowing down

As the winter prepares to draw her cloak around us, as the earth prepares for the long sleep, we too are doing the same. We are literally drawing our cloaks around us, for warmth, as the temperatures drop and the days grow ever shorter. We  are also, most of us, drawing our figurative cloaks around us as our activities shrink to fit the shorter days, more of our time is spent indoors, often with friends and family around us. our activities tend to be things that happen in our own homes and our social activity lessens.

We are like any other part of nature, we need a period of rest and recuperation. Often though, many of us feel guilty that we are doing less, but we should not. Does the tree feel guilty for letting go of its leaves? Does the flower feel guilty for returning underground? Does the hedgehog feel guilty for sleeping the winter away? Of course not. we know these are necessary to ensure next year’s growth.

We need to view our own rest period in the same way. as nature sleeps to prepare for next year, we can also use the time to make plans, to brighten up these dull days. plan next year’s holiday, plan your garden, plan activities and outings for warmer days, plan anything!

I also use this time to craft and create and read, comforting shawls and blankets, warm wooly jumps, books that nourish the mind and spirit.

There are so many ways to keep occupied during the winter terms months, but of course there is always rest. If rest is what you want or need, and you are able to, then just be kind to yourself and take that rest. 

Do not feel guilty about taking care of your own needs, so often we seem to put them behind everyone else’s. Don’t, let’s exercise a bit of self care, and do our best to replenish ourselves ready for the Spring. Ready for another season of growth.


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