Out and hungry

I was out for most of the day yesterday. I was attending a meeting of the Pagan Federation Disabilities Team, as I have recently become the Deputy District Disabilities Liaison (yeah, I know, long title!) The meeting was great, very productive, and also very inspiring! The only part of the day that was not (well, other than the train journey!) was when I went off for lunch.

We all went out separate ways for lunch, just finding somewhere to grab whatever we fancied, or so I thought!

I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and while I know many people live with this condition, and manage it in a variety of ways, I chose, from the moment of being told I had it, to reverse it. Is that even possible? To reverse type 2 diabetes? Something that has always been thought of as a lifelong, and deteriorating condition? I believe it is, and what is more, I have done it!

So what’s the problem? Well …. although I have reversed it, getting my blood sugar levels down to normal from diabetic range, to maintain that, I need to keep up with the changes I have put in place.

So what are the changes? Losing weight is one of them, and I have so far lost 43lb, or just over 3 stone, but that is not the whole of the story. Diabetes is a condition where the glucose and insulin levels in the body don’t work together properly because the pancreas and liver are not doing their job as well as they should (in simple layman’s terms, which is all I understand!) When we feed our bodies carbohydrates, our bodies quickly convert that into glucose, raising the blood sugar level, and if we don’t have enough insulin or the ability to use it effectively, those levels stay high, which is damaging in so many ways. So the trick is, to really reduce the consumption of those carbohydrates. Than means no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes (or any starchy veg) nothing with flour in or grains or sugar  and no fruit other than berries.

The meeting I was at was in Doncaster, a very large town, with lots of shops and food outlets. There we sandwiches, chips, salads with pasta in, crisps, chocolate, cakes, any number of yummy treats, but I could not find a single place where I could just grab something that was easy to eat on the hoof that did not contain any of these high carb foods, and it just made me think, as diabetes is covered by the Disabilities Discrimination Act, shouldn’t someone at least be making an effort, as this diet is now a well recognised way of reversing, controlling and even preventing type 2 Diabetes!

I ended up having a sugar free Latte!


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