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Good article from The Guardian. We need to bring ourselves back to our old stories and connect them with our land …

Magic mountain – Cadair Idris, Snowdonia, Gwynedd (OS Explorer OL23)

View of Cader Idris, North Wales, 1878, by Sidney Richard Percy View of Cader Idris, North Wales, 1878, by Sidney Richard Percy

The joy of the 893-metre Cadair Idris is that it looks like a proper mountain but is actually a fairly easy walk, guaranteed to make everyone feel tough and strong without too much effort. That’s if you do the Pony Path, at least, which begins at the Ty-Nant car park on the north side of the mountain. The Minffordd and Fox’s paths are a little more demanding, especially the latter.

Legend associates the peak with Arthur, although it could also be a Welsh prince by that name who fought an Irish army here in the seventh century. Either way it is a place of deep magic, prone…

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Back to blogging

It has been some time since I posted here. There are many reasons for this, life is so busy, more responsibily at work, health problems, parental ill health, bereavement …. And on and on it goes! But I feel a need to begin using this as a sort of journal for my life. Sharing those things that I can share.

Despite all of the above, there has still been much going on, as there always is. Outings with friends, rituals, family times, lifes ups and downs. So i am going to start an online diary, to remind me of all I do and all that happens, in those moments where I feel I am getting nowhere and doing nothing!

Samhain thoughts

As the old year dies, along with the greenery, thoughts turn to what has been achieved this year, and what has not. I find myself disheartened by many things, in particular, the failure of the government to listen to the people, the way many folks seem to be merely sleepwalking through life, neither realising what is happening, nor noticing the beauty all around them, the over commercialisation of ‘Spirituality for Sale’ and the continuing in-fighting in the pagan community. But I am determined to step away from the old year and leave these feelings behind, in the hope of embracing a better, more positive and more productive year to come.

I have the most wonderful friends and I know, that between us we can, if we try, raise enough positive energy to make a difference in our own community, and in the wider world too. Magical working is a powerful force when carried our with conviction and hope, this is the year of making a difference. I know those who will join me in this. Maybe there are more yet to discover in the year to come, but whatever happens, I am hopeful!

My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here.
Jim Henson

Unexpected Blessings

This year started out with my having plans for the weekend that has just gone already in place. My husband had booked the time off work, we had organised with friends that we would all go and spend the weekend together and all would be wonderful.
But then things happened, as things often do, and we had to think again, as it was no longer going to be possible for us to attend the event that we had planned to.
So more plans were made, with the same friends, that we would organise our own event, where lots of good people could get together and enjoy lots of good times. Sounds great? Unfortunately, things happened, as things often will, and we once again found ourselves reconsidering what the weekend could now hold for us. Unfortunately some friends were still going the the other 2 events, so there was a split, but no matter, we would find something else.
Consequently, we booked a weekend at a very small campsite in the heart of the countryside with some very close friends. We were in a caravan, recently acquired from some of these very close friends, and we are indebted to them and cannot truly express our gratitude at their enormous generosity! They were in a hired Romany caravan and another very good friend hired a tipi for herself and her 2 boys.

I don’t think we ever made a better decision, it was an amazing weekend! We had a bbq followed by an evening around the firepit, with umbrellas which did a remarkable job of shielding us from the rain, while we enjoyed good company, good conversation, good wine and all in beautiful surroundings.
We visited a Japanese meditation garden which was amazingly beautiful and spiritually enriching, we spent an evening with some more wonderful friends who lived close by and even had a bonfire, also wine and cake and talked into the night.
We also visited a grand country house with a staggeringly good sculpture exhibition in the grounds, amazing!
I don’t see how the weekend could have been any better, I even think the rain added to the experience!
So next tie your plans go awry, don’t be downhearted, it’s probably just making way for something better!

Pagan Pride 2014

great day!

Abus Coritani

What a scorcher – in every sense of the word! It was a gloriously sunny day and the mood was high. After a jolly ride on the tram in all our best finery, we met up in the Market Square with lots of hugs and smiles. I love seeing all the different costumes and colourful banners, headdresses and top hats! Many friends were there representing their various regions and waving their banners. Esme did her thing of whipping the crowd into a frenzy and before we knew it, it was time to wend our way through the streets of Nottingham stopping traffic on our way to the Arboretum shouting “We are Pagan, we are Proud” and “We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return” We only got heckled by a Christian once!

Soon the 500 strong crowd arrived at the Arboretum Arch ready to make a…

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Pagan Relationship

Down the Forest Path

Paganism is all about relationship, and is central to my Druid path. Everything is interconnected – we simply could not exist were it not for the countless forms of other life on this planet. All life, in scientific circles, came from single-celled organisms that evolved into life as we know it; we all, everything on this planet, have a common ancestor.

Yet we are constantly bombarded by the dualistic thinking that has so plagued our species for many, many years. We often feel separated from nature, from the world, from other human beings, from our ancestors. It is often reinforced through marketing, various theologies and psychology, in most cases to ensure that there is repeat business, power and normalisation.

How many of us have come across the “food chain” concept when we were at school? Humans at the top, able to consume and control all beneath us. Whoever came up…

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